Radio Interviews and Your Book: DARK DREAMS/WHITE FEATHER


The Internet is a fantastic place to meet new friends and share information that is helpful to others. I wrote SURVIVING CANCERLAND to help other women find answers to issues surrounding cancer treatment. So how do I get the message of my book out to the rest of the world? By using the Internet!

I was contact by Hailey Wiseman after we found each other on Twitter. She has a Blog Talk Radio Show and asked to interview me. I’ve never done a live radio interview before but realized it would be a perfect way to plug my book to thousands of listeners at one time—so I swallowed my trepidations and agreed.

I sent Hailey my book and she sent me a list of questions she would be asking me on the air. I studied the questions; formulated broad answers to them that could flow according to the direction the interview took and then dialed in from the security of my home. Being on live radio was a bit daunting for me. Hailey said my interview would be about twenty minutes long and then she would cover some other topics. The session went so well we had to stop at forty-five minutes so that she could get in a few important messages before she signed off. My web site received 55 more viewers after the interview and three more radio stations have contacted me. My interviews are on my website @

If you are considering publishing a book, don’t wait for the book to be published before launching it. Build your platform using the internet, especially radio.

Here is my interview. I hope you enjoy it.…

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